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Never did find out who bent our license plate but we had our suspisions.

Two weeks ago I wasnt quite sure I was going to make it through the Steelers game. Throughout the game I screamed and cheered and cried for Jerome and then cheered some more!!! I get so emotional!! This past Sunday's game was better for my heart!!

I totally agree with Coach Cower's decision to wear the white shirts for the Super Bowl--why jynx it--and really, they arent playing at home.

I liked it better when they were the underdog. I dont like the fact that some are saying that its already in the bag that the Steelers will win. Hopefully the time off wont hurt them.

I think that it's really funny that the last two teams had to advertise and beg the people not to sell tickets to the game to any Steelers fans. Detroit should be flooded with BLACK 'N' GOLD!!! ( Check out my siggy line , Thanks Sandie!)

Do you think that Jerome will retire this year--especially if they win?

I certainly hope that Ben shaves after this. lol!!

Do you have any rituals that you have been following? We have our Steelers flag flying outside--on a street full of Carolina fans. My husband wont break the trend to stop working OT on Fridays since they have been winning since he started it. We get all decked out in Steeler gear too!!


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