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My oldest daughter is sick.

Im sorry to just jump in here seeing as how I dont post very often. My daughter is 10, is she still considered an elementary age child?

How do you guys deal with it when your children are sick with a virus. I have a big fear of vomiting (myself mainly) My oldest daughter has been complaining with her stomach hurting for the past day and a half. She said she wasnt feeling nauseous. So, I thought, maybe shes got H-Pylori or a nervous stomach or something til I get to school this afternoon to pick them up and start hearing about the virus going around. My sons K-5 teacher has it and was out today. (She is also my oldest daughters basketball coach) and three other children in my sons class have had it. I am just beside myself, and I am here all alone to deal with it, because my husband works nights.

How do you guys deal? Do you guys manage to take care of your children when they are sick like this and remain well?
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