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Question Copy right laws

You know I always thought that if it is sold for crafting that you can sell it unless there is a label identifing it as copyrighted. I wonder if there is a site on the net that would be able to answer that question. I'm so glad you brought that u[ because I am making somethings for the boutique that I am using stamps on. I had better check to make sure they are not copy righted. Have had the stamps for a long time.

Oh the boutique that my sister has gone through a big change. It will not be like a boutique any more. She is setting it yp like an Art and Wine festival - without the wine ;-) - she is selling spaces and each artist is responsible for hteir own prodects and area. I think it will be so much better than the way she had it before. she was having a hard time getting participants because no one wanted to be a part of the first year for a boutique.

Don't know if I will end up being able to go or not. We don't have enough extra to pay for my ticket - at least for the tickets I have been able to find so far. - anyone got any bright ideas??? I will sure be disappointed if I don't end up going. We started to make plannes for my husband to come out and join us for Thanksgiving but again there is the problem of affording the ticket. He usually doesn't have to pay for his ticket because his mother lives out there and she has money so she buys his ticket. We always appreciate it when she does but htis year she got hit hard with the down fall of the stock market:mad:

Oh weel I am sure that something will come up so we can go if that is what God wants me there.

Have a good evening. Hope it is filled with rest and refreshment.


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