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Sunshine is back

Welcome back Maureen. I'm sure you are having mixed emotions about getting back to your routine. I'm happy you are here and sad that your vacation is over. We missed you terribly.

Yes, we kinda collapsed on here without you. If we'd have written anything else it would have all been about wondering where you were or what you were doing. lol

Going to the State Fair had to be neat. I had a girlfriend who went to the Indiana State Fair and she said it was great. Her hubby doesn't like to go so he stayed home and baby sat their 1 year old boy and she went with her folks and brothers and sisters. Isn't that way cool. It's a family tradition that they have kept up even tho the kids have married and moved out. I think that is wonderful. I'd like to have one day a year where my hubby, daughter and son do something together just like when they were young. Actually, my daughter, son and I spent a day canning sauce a couple of weeks ago. It's funny how we all remembered our various duties and got the production line going again. I was exhausted by the end of the day but it brought back such wonderful memories of when they were home and we were canning beans or making black raspberry jelly.

Yes, I had a ball at Bristol but was so sore and tired afterwards that I couldn't even force myself to walk down the hall to the jacuzzi.

Went back to the Dr. today and she increased my muscle relaxant and prozac because of the exhaustion, stress, and cramps I've been getting lately. She also gave me a pnemonia shot and now I can't raise my left arm because of the pain. waaaaaaahhhhh. lol Have to do a stupid fasting blood test because of the cramps. gritch gritch gritch.

But emotionally, I'm fine. Get ready for the best news. Both my son and my son in law have found jobs. whoopie, turning cartwheels, jumping up and down here Just when you think you can't get through one more day the good lord provides for you. I am so grateful and happy.

Two weeks is not enough time for you to recover from the flight and see everyone and do everything. But it is better than no weeks. For us, the two weeks just drug by. Hopefully everyone arrived back home safe and sound. I imagine the boys are glad to be back home and back to their friends and activities.

Yes, Stitcher45, we did not do a good job of keeping this going while Sunshine was gone. Hope you are doing ok. I figured when you didn't post that you were not doing so well. That's the way it is with me. I don't want to post if I can't have at least a little glimmer of joy or hope or happiness to share. Somedays its just too hard to concentrate. When I left work tonight and started to say my goodbyes, I couldn't remember 2 of the girls names and I've known them for over 15 years. eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk Tomorrow will be a better day, tomorrow will be a better day, today is already pretty special. Sunshine is back................ Stitcher45 is back........ BLTN_mom is back............ Carry on ladies while I go hunt my brain.
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