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Re: Jar Crafts

Originally posted by grannydiane
WOW, Shell! For a first one, It's great! I'm not near that good. Are you an artist? If not, you should give it a try. How did you do the checkered border on the top? Did you eyeball it, or draw it in first? Keep up the good work! Diane
I didn't hand paint the designs... I just used rub ons. It was my first jar so I didn't want to hand paint it all. I did paint over parts of the transfer with iridescent paint to give it a little highlight... I used to be really good at drawing pictures of other pictures... it's been a while, but eventually I will work up to that on jars. I don't have the paints to paint detailed pictures yet.

Speaking of rub ons... just wondering, are there any laws on selling things made with things like that? Like, I know for stampers, you can't sell things you make that are stamped unless they are "angel" stamps (I think that is what my mom called them) because of copyrights... is that the case with rub ons? You can't sell them? And if that IS the case, I wonder if my painting over them would change them enough to make it ok to sell them?
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