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Jodi Picoult

i just finished reading "Salem Falls" and "Plain Truth" by Jodi Picoult. Anyone else read any of her books? I am a real fan after reading these novels. Now I want to get all the other books she's written. I think her style is unique: part romance, part courtroom thriller, and part social commentary.

Salem Falls is about a man falsely accused of sexual assault and also about teenagers practicing witchcraft. Plain Truth is about a young Amish girl accused of murdering her baby. The author gives such a fantastic detailed description of Amish life that I felt like I learned a lot about the Amish as well as court room procedures.

I found myself getting so involved with the characters that I would be thinking about it when I would wake up! I just couldn't put these books down. I would highly recommed both books!

Also, the author heas her own website:
The author will answer questions about her books and gives a lot of extra information about them as well. I sure have become a real fan.
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