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Detached Retina

Hi Debbie,It probably is inherited for me too. I was having flashes for a while but the eye doctor did not send me to a retina specialist. I had just moved to Florida so had no idea what eye trouble was all about. Did not have an accident just happened one night while I was cooking dinner. Saw everything red colored in that eye. In the morning called my doctor he said was not capable to take care of it. He had taken care of my Husband with cataracts and he did well.

Sent me to Orlando to a doctor there. The funny thing is they never send you to a local doctor it would be too easy. Found out it had torn and the blood was seeping in. The Doctor froze the eye and stopped the bleeding. Did not detach until I went to the first Doctor again after they put drops in my eyes. The next day it detached. Never heard from him again until after I had my forth surgery. Got a call he wanted to see me. Had the nerve to say " I needed help did not know when to give up". After a few words to him he told me not to come back anymore. lol

Have had to accept what has happened to me and go on with my life. Took time adjusting to everything, know when I am tired to rest. Hope your Father is doing well. When you hear the problems other people have we can survive with this.

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