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Hi Sueanne,

Was your detached retina due to an accident or do they think it is hereditary? We went through this with my father several years ago. We don't have a history of detached retinas but the doctor said it was inherited, since my dad didn't have any head injuries that would have caused it. He was having black spots and flurries before his eyes for a few days, and then suddenly his vision was halfway blocked in one eye. He described it as a black film that he couldn't see through. He was in Costa Rica when it happened, and the docs sent him here for emergency surgery. I literally picked him up from the airport and went straight to the hospital. Just like you said, he too tried different operations and even different eyeglass prescriptions. Cost him a lot of $$, but to no avail. He said he has just learned to see with one good eye. They tried for years after everything he has been through to tell him that there are new surgeries that can help him, but he has come to accept the fact that there probably really aren't. He is tired of the false hopes--and after everything he has been through, I don't blame him a bit.

If you don't mind, could you let me know what they thought caused yours? I am just curious, as we have tried so many things and I am wondering if they had some different thoughts as to what might have caused yours. Thanks!!

Take Care,
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