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Retina Detachment Groups

Hello Sylvia, Thank you for answering my post. Glad to hear yours was successful. Mine tore first that was the problem. Went to the Doctor the next day and they froze the tear. What happen when it healed it peeled back the retina like wall paper. Was a shock after 3 months for that to happen. Each time I had it done only lasted 6 weeks. After the third try we had to call it quits.

At first it was hard adjusting since it left me light sensitive. It has been six years now so I try to just go on. Every year a new doctor tries to build my hopes that they can fix it, but all they do is take my money and back out.

Having a computer for the last couple of years has been great. I use a glare filter over the screen that helps defuse the glare. There is a chat group on just for people with Retina Problems. Check this site out very important advice. Sueanne

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