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Lightbulb ball exercises

Hello, I just got back into the "ball workout." I switch my routinue so I dont get bored, good timing on this one. Well basically anything (almost) you do on a weight bench you can modify to do on the ball. I know it sounds weird but really you can. I bought an issue of Self (September 2002) and to my surprise they have excellent ball exercises, that are broked up into groups. For instance they have 2 pages of legs, glutes, and 2 pages of arm exercises you can do. Plus on each one there is a picture and written in complete explination. They are great. And what a work out they are. There are some for the abs as well, and I was amazed at the creativity, what looks fun and easy was hard, but I needed to challenge my muscles in a different way. Good luck and I hope this helped. If you want there are some exercise videos. I personally own the ball at home, Im an at home Mom and the gym is just to hard for me to get too, since I am always on the go, with my equipment at home, I havent missed a work out in 7 months. SO, I know first hand at having one at home, other then the kids and hubby trying to play with it, it is a great investment, to have around the house.
Take Care and God Bless
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