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My daughter is 11 also and we have been taking every opportunity in the last year to discuss the event. I, too, learned from school and was not prepared when it did occur for the first time at school in 6th grade. My daughter is very self conscious but when I get an opening in the conversation, I take it. Sometimes we are talking about something totally different when I try to segue into her thoughts and feelings about growing up. I find that since she isn't asking questions, I have to find ways to open up the communication between us. Sometimes listening is the best way when it comes to my daughter. I open up and then wait for her to process it, giving her a chance to ask me a question. We have shopped for the products and have bought a variety for her to try. I will also do a celebration sort of thing when it does happen. We are currently doing things to help her feel good about being a girl. She recently got her first manicure. We have a beauty school by us and it's only $5 and it definitely makes her feel special. It's also part of her allowance for helping around the house. I think it's important for mother's and daughter's to spend this time together. I also have to worry that she will have the extreme cramps that I had. I want her to know that I will get her to the doctor to get any medication she may need. Good luck whatever you decide.
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