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I hate to say this but I started my period at 8. My mother was in such shock it was never really discussed except for the necessities of what I had to do to take care of myself. I eventually ended up going to a local bookstore and finding out the information for myself. I was a very independent little person.
I would like to advise one thing though and I intend on doing it with my daughter besides the books and the videos etc. I saw this on a movie and I thought it was so special and wished someone had done it to me when I started my period. When the event happens "Celebrate it". This mother had a special day with the dd when it happened (took her out of school for the day when it happened and everything) and went out to lunch and had their nails and hair done, did a little bit of shopping etc. you get the idea. During the excursion the mother explained that she was entering into womanhood she was starting to become a woman and how special and what a gift it was. The essence of the outing was to make the girl feel special and to perceive her period as a gift not as the dreaded "curse". The experience with the girl was used to explain everything and anything and well as the responsiblities of having a period meant in a loving and supportive way.
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