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Here are two pics of my tat's. The first one is of the seven butterflies on my lower back. Each one represents my living children. Each child picked their own color. This photo was taken immediately after I was tattoo'd that is why you will see some swelling and redness on my back. It was actually taken in the tat parlor. The 2nd pic is of my left wrist. That one was for my grandson Maddic. It is also a cover up. There used to be a heart w/a banner with someones name. But you can't see that at all anymore!
Teresa you made me giggle, because I think that we will all have different views of what is ugly for a tat. For instance, my husband likes skulls. So he has a skull, with the sign of the eld from a stephen king novel in its forhead and my name under it. I love it. We also both have matching tat's of a huge spider web on our left shoulder's with a big spider in it [the web is light purple and the spider green our two fav colors] and I have his name in the web, he has mine. But I think we both would agree on the subject of disrespectful and something to be ashamed of. I don't like nude ppl tattoo'd on bodies, but that's me.
Can't wait to see more tat's. I will post the one of the spider when I find that cd with it on it.
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