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My daughter, Becky, is now 21 years-old--soon to be 22. When she was little my husband and I would listen to her and my son say their nightly prayers. She would recite the "Our Father" very well until she got to the part that says, "our daily bread". Becky would always say "our Italian bread". She was 3 years-old at the time.

My son, Michael, who is now 25 years-old always had in interest in electricity. I can remember when we were at my in-laws visiting, he would go into the kitchen and look at the stove when the flourescent stove light was on. He was fascinated by it and would say, "look Mommy--GE.

To this day I guess you could he still has an interest in electricity--he loves computers and majored in telecommunications and computer science.

It's always nice to be able to reminesce about the time when your children were little and the things they would come up with.
Valerie M.
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