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ebay advice

Here is some ebay advice I can give for anyone thinking of doing online auctions.
First sign up with either paypal or ebay online payments. I prefer paypal but you should research both and decide for yourself. It is so much easier to recieve payments by using one of these services. If you decide to accept personal checks for payments then make sure you do not send the item until u r sure the check has cleared. When u list your auction give detailed description of item. Include any damage, rips, tears, stains etc. If you have a digital camera it is easy to take photos and load it on ebay, the first photo is free but u have to pay if u put more than one photo in an auction. U can have several auctions with one photo and not pay but if u insert more than one photo in each individual auction u must pay extra. When I list an item I put the item auction number on the prepackaged box so when the auction is over I dont accidently ship the wrong item out. As far as calculating shipping charges I prepackage the item and weigh it on my bathroom and go to to get and estimated cost of shipping. I use California because for me its the furthest away and the most expensive and then I add extra for the cost of listing the item and shipping materials and that is how I calculate my shipping price. I state that the shipping/handling is whatever amount and that insurance is optional at and extra 1.30 added to the total winning bid amount. So if I went to ups and it said the shipping was 6.00, I would add like another dollar and make it 7 dollars shipping/handling with optional insurance at 1.30 extra. Ebay is easy and not really time consuming. If you have a web cam you can use that to take photos for the auctions. I do not own one but I know someone who has one and uses it that way. Any specific questions please ask and I will answer as best I can.
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