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Question Question for Leah

Thanks for so much input on something I had been wondering about myself which is a possibility of a breast augmentation and also a body lift. Or rather lifting the skin on my tummy. People think skinny people have it made well, we skinny people sag too! I am about 5'3" tall and 100 lbs. I am in a 34B cup bra but my breasts have that sag to them after the 7 kids and breastfeeding 6 of them. I looked damn good up until the 6th child, then I took depo provera and that put 30lbs on me. Now gaining weight would have been cool if it hadnt made me look like an oompa loompa. So I got off depo provera after a year and half and was on birth control pills and along came baby#7. After Nick was born my breasts sagged some and I noticed my stomach had saggy skin. Something I hadnt had even after the 6th child. I was devestated. I tried dieting......yeah like I need that, but I thought it was fat at first. It took me a bit to realize it was excess skin. I am fortunate to have hardly any stretch marks. The ones I do have are noticable to me but no one else seems to see them. For myself I would like to have the tummy tuck? Or tummy lift or whatever its called. Not sure about the breasts, what size were u before and what are you now. I dont really want large breasts. I just want firm breast and a lift just isnt gonna do it. Also if you dont mind me asking, what is the cost of both? Where would I look to find a doctor to see about this kind of surgery. Thanks for any input from you or anyone else.
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