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Monthly breast exams are VERY important for each and every one of us!

However, yearly mammograms are also important once you reach that "magic" age of 40.

I was 36 when I had my first mammogram. I did not have another one until almost two weeks ago.........I am now 41.

Although I have done monthly exams, the mammogram I had showed a mass in my left breast that no one knew was there. I'd just had my yearly exam with my OB/GYN in late May and even she did not pick up on it when she examined my breasts. I was told by the surgeon that it was in a tricky position and thats why we missed it.

I had not even gone to my doctor for anything in my left breast! I had gone due to a pain that I thought started in my right under arm and radiated into the right breast. The doctor saw it differently and sent me for a mammogram. The mammogram showed Fibrocystic Breast Disease in both breasts BUT also picked up that mass!

Talk about PANIC when they said I needed a follow-up ultrasound to the left breast!

To make a long story shorter..........I had surgery just yesterday to remove the mass. This morning when I went back to the surgeon's office to have the drainage tube removed, he was happy to inform me that the pathology report showed that the mass removed was a benign fibroadenoma.

Now I have to recuperate from surgery and learn to deal with this Fibrocystic Breast Disease!

So remember ladies..........monthly exams are very important but so are those regular mammograms! Don't assume that you don't need bother with a mammogram just because you do monthly exams! do I go on living without chocolate????!!!!
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