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Janet , the Fibro may have got ya...or your cycle time, or the tech....or she may have dragged you about instead of lifting , placing nice, nice...

This last mamo was really actually (dare I say it) comfortable for me.

The last one was five years before....the reason I waited five years was because it was EXCRUSIATINGLY PAINFUL

Bruising..aching...soreness..charlyhorse muscles of the chest wall...I had been abused.

The doc said my fibro had flared. I blamed it on the TECH! Also it wasn't at the right time in my menstrual cycle. It really should be just around ovulation..mid cycle, otherwise, the estrogen effects on your breast tissue makes the glands swell, and for those of us with fibrocyctic breasts, it's very painful...

Also for those of us with FIBROcystic breasts and FIBROmyalgia...., if you're in a flare a mamo is going to be a bitch. Plain and simple.

REST..WARM or COLD compresses (whichever give you relief) anti-inflamatories and analgesics..if you're not better by the time you reading this post, call your GYN.

Hang in there friend, and try to remember this adivce for next year. Val
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