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Hi Janet

Janet - I'm 36, don't know if that's younger than you or not! My husband is a movie fanatic, so I think that has something to do with it too. We don't have a LOT of adult company, but when we do it usually involves dinner and a movie. The kid's almost always end up watching a movie with their friends who spend the night.

My kids are 11, 11 & 12, and YES we have clutter everyday. It used to drive me nuts, now it just irritates me. My compromies: the living room, dining room and kitchen have to be clean, I try to live with the bedrooms and the office in their natural states.

Wish I could have a second tv room instead of a second dining room! Maybe in the next house. This house has a very open floor plan, and the 'living' rooms kind of run together (walls have cutout bookcases, breakfast bar, etc. to separate them, but not walls with doors).

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