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I am of the skinny persuasion - 5'2" , 97 lbs and have a hard time putting on weight. I can sit on my behind and eat bon bons all day long with no success. Now before you throw rocks at me picture this - body by Ally Mcbeal. I too lost my boobs after kids (3). I went from a 34C to a 34B- sort of. I was always lopsided (one slightly bigger than the other) but the pregnancies made it worse. One boob doesn't quite fill the bra. I look pretty flat on the bigger side but the other is just scary. My husband can't quite grasp why I am so bothered by My stomach didn't do well either. Stretchmarks galore - are you lost? - I have a Thomas Guide street map on my stomach! I can relate Leah!!! a cow's udder...funny! I have lots of loose skin! I call mine a shar pei dog I have never seen any positive reviews on those all natural breast enhancement pills so I wear the silicone filled bras.

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