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I'm not a parent, but I am on the ending years of the teenage side, maybe i can offer a few useful ideas....

Everyone is going to laugh later about the way their mother talks to them about this stuff. My mom who is somewhat of an artist drew me nice little pictures in her sketchbook, and was as frank as she could be.

With all the pictures now, its kind of neat to see video of the ovaries and etc, if she could handle that (i was very sqeemish at 11/12, that's partly why i got drawings), the very scientific, cut and dry is very informative.

Have you ever seen the Teen Species Series/thing on TLC. They have one on girls entering adolescence, you might find that and watch that with her. It discusses what a girls body goes through phsically and emotionally. They follow these girls around for a couple years, observing and interviewing them and doing tests to show whats happening. I'm 20 and saw it on Tv the other day and was amazed. You might even end up watching more of them - i did, there's one on boys entering adolscense and then a couple on the later teens years (one follows a teen pregnancy/sex, i don't know if that's something that you want to discuss with her at 11, but if not, avoid the older teen ones). I don't know if there are more, but these four were on in succession the other day.

There's some stuff that the show doesn't touch on, like cramps and how to use feminin products, but its really good for explaining why this happens.
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