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chuckle Wow I am so glad I asked!

Wow thanks for all the great responses! I knew I would get the information that I was looking for. It sounds to me that I would be better off just saving up for that boob job ! LOL Since I am thinner than I was in high school I guess I should not be surprised by the smaller chest, but the old lady boobs I could do WITHOUT! To answer the question about how to lose the weight - this is all I know. ONLY eat when you are hungry and STOP when you are full. That sounds obvious - but you would be surprised how often we eat just because there's food in front of us, or we are bored, or angry or it's noon. Also you have to move. I jump rope - it tones the arms and the legs at the same time - I can do it at home, the kids can listen to music and color when I do it so there are no excuses! I only gained 25 pounds with each kid and had it off (I breast fed) in 3 months. They are now 4, 2 and 8 months. I also have a double stroller and a baby carrier that I take the kids out in. Let me tell you THAT'S a workout! Don't get down on yourself if you don't look the way you want. Just change the stuff you can and pray for the rest. Hope that helps - Katie
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