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Exercise or Swiss ball

I've just recently joined a gym and I was showed a couple of different ab exercises on the "ball". They are absolutely fantastic. The neat thing about it is that you're so comfortable while you're doing the exercises, it doesn't really feel like you're over doing it. Two days after I did the ab workout the first time, I couldn't move my torso! I wouldn't recommend overdoing it I like did the first time you try it. Now I do the "ball" daily when I finish my regular workout and I would like some additional exercises besides the regular crunches and "bumblebee" (for the inner thighs & lower abs).

Does anyone ever use the ball?? Any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I found the following info (from another source) that might offer insight:
Exercise ball: bounce your way to fitness

Remember the hoppity-hop ball you used to bounce around on when you were in kindergarten? Even if you never had the pleasure of playing on one of those oversized colored plastic balls, you love its grown-up cousin, the exercise ball. Exercise balls are effective for stretching and developing balance and coordination; you can even substitute one for your weight bench to take your weight training to a whole new level. Exercise balls also also go by the names Physioballs, Swiss balls, gymnastic balls and Resist-a-balls. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes and typically sell for $15-50.

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