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I totally agree, mark everything.......I always feel more comfortable when things are marked. I hate to ask " how much is this?" You could mark certain tables for a certain price too. That helps sometimes, but people will walk around and lay them down anywhere too.
If more than yourself is having it, use different colored stickers, when marking items.
And if they don't help you, then charge them a small fee of 20% to make up for your time and energy doing so.
I think the cooler with soda is a great idea too. I am not sure about the baked goods though.
I am thinking of having one in about 2 weeks also....... I like the idea of "free day ", usually if it doesn't sell, then I take it to Goodwill, Thrift Stores or even the local homeless shelter, if it is something they can use.

I wish you with best of luck with your sale, Karen
Have a good day!
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