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HA HA HA!!! Mel, I know what you mean about looking in the mirror and wondering what your husband saw in you. My children were LARGE (first one was 10#, second one 9#). I am 5'5" and weigh 125#. My skin was stretched out SOOO bad that it hung like an empty sack over the top of my underpants. My husband said it didn't bother him, but it bothered me tremendously. When I would bend over,my stomach would hang like a huge cow's utter!! Plus I had a scar from two c-sections.

About the operation: Since I was having the tummy tuck, I decided to go with the trans-umbilical breast augmentation which is through the navel. They insert a tube up to the breast and then the implant is inserted through the tube up into the breast and filled. This way there are no scars around the breast area.

The pain wasn't that bad, but then again I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Because of the tummy tuck, it was like having another c-section. Since my muscles were supposedly stretched, the doc stitched them up. I didn't think it was necessary, but he felt it was. The surgery lasted about two hours. My breasts were pretty hard and large for the first month and the muscles would spasm (the implants are under the muscle). The first two weeks of sleeping were difficult because I typically sleep on my side and this was impossible. I had to sleep on my back and that was tough, but I survived! HA HA!!

My tummy was swollen for about two months and I was beginning to wonder if it was worth the tuck, but it's now nice and flat. I still have a scar, of course, but atleast I can see it now!!

I have to say that for a long time I felt the same way as Jennifer. At least in my case I tried to convince myself that I was okay with my body but the tummy thing was a biggie for me. It really did bother me. When I learned about TUBA, I started to entertain the thought of doing both. I still can't believe I actually went through with it. Sometimes, it feels like a dream but then I see my reflection in the mirror and I feel GREAT! I guess this was my mid-life crisis. I'm in my mid-forties but everyone told me I looked much younger, as if I were in my early 30's. Now I feel like I AM in my 30's again!

Does this cover your questions? If there is anything else you want to know, ask away! Leah
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