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I would recommend some kind of business like Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Avon, etc. I personally sell Pamp Chef. In the past I have sold Tupperware, Usborne books, Avon (twice). With Avon it is sometimes helpful to keep an inventory in your home but not always necessary. I kept nothing on hand and just ordered what they wanted. With Usborne books I did not let my children touch them as I did not want them torn up and I did not do very well with it as a business. I liked Tupperware pretty well but after awhile it became old to me and I got tired of it. I knew lots of women who were doing great it in and the products are not that heavy to carry. With Pamp Chef you do have to carry the products unless you do a catalog show. I use the items in my kitchen all the time then gather them for a show. If it breaks then it can be replaced. And how will I tell them about a product if I don't use it myself? I have been doing it now for a little over 2 years and I am loving it. It provides extra income, I do it when my husband is home and he has quality time with the kids. I highly recommend them (even if I was not an active consultant I would say that)!!! They even made the initial investment cost even less and if you host a show first and then join you can use you host points to get the kit for even less! As little as $50 can get you tons of tools and paperwork
Hope that you find something that works for you. You could also try putting you things in a local thrift shop.
Good luck,
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