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Train..It sounds like you need advice from my sister. She lives in SoHo. An artsy community bordered by the Village, Cina Town and Litle Italy. It has gallaries, coffeehouses, little shops and playhouses etc. I KNOW it is a tourist location because her block is always filled with people speaking all kinds of languages. But there are the most wonderful little gourmet shops and pizza places and cantinas and dim sum houses that she has taken me to. Normally I wouldn't step foot into any of them ,as they look like holes in the wall, but when you're with a local, you get the best.

When you get a date set, let me know, and I will get a list together for you. I know NYU offers student housing in the summer to rentals, you know? That's down in that area. Near Washington Square Park. Maybe my sister would even act as a guide. she's a bohemian sort, and would probably be so pleased to show you around if I made the introduction. LOL! personal knowledge of NYC is limited to the more sleazy parts, as I spent 20 years as a Paramedic. I could give you a tour of all the"shooting galeries" as we call the heroin houses..or the brothels or the welfare projects or homeless shelters....but that probably isn't what you had in mind ;-) I love NY strictly NORTH of the Great White Way...unless you're Chauffer Driven and innoculated .

But then agan I'm kind of jaded...

Anyway..I'd love to see what some native New Yorkers have to offer.

caio! and good hunting!
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