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: A word to the wise about home based businesses. It is easy to buy to much inventory for yourself and have no real profit. Learn about biz tax rules first!! You will set up your bookkeeping the right way up front.

Ask about the turnover rate. Is was 100% or higher in some companies that last time I looked. In other words, no one on average stayed with the business more than a year.

I do recommend that you buy the business kit and sell a little if it is something you like and would have bought a bunch of any way. Say Pampered Chef or Longaberger baskets; might as well save yourself the consultantís fee and make one or two large investments up front in the stuff you would buy a lot of anyway.

Beware inventory carrying. I mean literally!! Imagine carrying around books to others homes to show or photo albums (although I love Creative Memories). Heavy! I tried Discovery Toys and was to afraid to let my kids play with the stuff incase they lost an piece.

With Weekenders (women's knit clothes) one doesn't carry more than a sample real bag of clothes. You deliver to customers in about 3 weeks. I know women making money at this one. Personally, I have no fashion sense to begin with. All those years of 17 magazine lost on me.
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