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Hi, congratulations on your puppy. Our "puppy" will be 2yrs in October. He is a golden retriever- rottwieler- black lab mix named Bear. We decided to pick him up spur of the moment and were not able to do things really organized, as I was just about 2 months from delivering our baby. We were not prepared for the amazing amount of time he required. He got it, but I was bone tired getting up at all hours of the night and walking him all the time, plus caring for 3 kids under 4 yrs. In retrospect I would do things a lot different.
When you are able I strongly encourage you to get your dog into a puppy training course or dog obedience classes. They are wonderful. I have seen first hand how well these courses work, especially when you have young children around.
I would do the crate training too, newspaper is to confusing. We started with that at night and he would go on papers left on the floor. We then started taking him out every hour at night too and/ or 20 minutes after food and water. It didn't take long for him to learn to go to the door when he wanted to go out.
When he is old enough get him fixed. With our dog it helped settle him down a little. Make sure he gets all his shots as soon as posible.
Definitely get some bone or chew toys, liitle kongs work great, don't use plastic or those string things. My dog had serious problems choking on the strings or getting them caught intestinally. Besides, that might help with chewing or scratching furniture and help with teething.
I would recommend a kennel. We waited a couple of months and had lots of problems with clothes/ toys/ and furniture being chewed, even when he was locked in a room. Now we have a kennel and he loves it. We leave the door open so he can go in and out when he pleases. When he is in the house he sleeps in there and then will stay there when we leave now.
For walks I would get one of those collar/ leash attachments that fit over their muzzle. With a smaller dog it wouldn't be so bad, but my hulk of an animal is kind of intimidating. While I know he would never harm anyone especially a child no one else does. It's just safer. Also make sure you have a good strong anchor if you tie him up outside. Bear is too strong and will on ocassion get loose. He doesn't go very far, usually were the kids are. The neighborhood kids know him and will bring him back (it seems to be a problem with other neighbor dogs too, problem is they are all black labs and everyone keeps bringing them to our house...LOL)
I LOVE my dog, but it was totally trial and error for us. If I can help someone else not make the same mistakes I will be happy. Oh yeah, keep him in a different room when you eat right from the beginning, it will keep you from giving him scraps every night, and it will help him to not beg or take food out of the kids hands. I just buy cans of wet food to supplement a couple times a week. He loves it and it's more healthy for him. Get heavy dishes. Otherwise it's just a mess. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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