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Hi, I know exactly what you are talking about. I was a 36C most of my life, each time I was pregnant I would go up a size or two finally coming back to a 38D during my last pregnancy. Now that i've had my third and last child I am ready to be vain again...LOL. I feel like my boobs hang past my elbows sometimes and I know they've shrunk. I'm not sure if I am a a 38C still or 38B now, I am too embarrassed to go find out. I have heard of the oral supplements like Bloussant and have been interested in trying them since enhancement surgery is not financially feasible. It's so depressing. My husband has been great about it too. I have always been okay with myself, but now that I am getting older I want to keep what I had. It must be an early mid-life pre- menopausal thing. Any suggestions? Sorry I couldn't help you.
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