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What a dilemma. You are probably at risk causing hard feelings all around. I know this is not your intention, but think of the reaction your friends will feel if this gets back to them. The suggestion to get there early and move the cards is a good one, otherwise, I would just grin and bear it.

We have been fortunate in that any Receptions we have attended simply had "Reserved for Wedding Party" and guests were allowed to sit where they wished. There have always been so many strangers that I feel much more comfortable sitting with friends. Conversation flows much easier, and there is no stilted feeling.

Every wedding I have attended has been different. Some were extremely formal while others were more homey. Some had chairs placed around the room, or in groups so that people could sit where they wished, or stand. Even the ones that served a meal did not have name tags at the place settings, simply a "Reserved for Wedding Party" sign there. I think this stems from the fact that although RSVP's are answered, last minute changes in plans prompt some to attend that thought they couldn't while others who planned on being there were called away at the last minute.

Whatever you decide,

Good luck,

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