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Lightbulb Garage Sales

Wow! Some wonderful ideas here.

I woud like to add that the date of your sale could make a big difference. A lot of people receive checks: SS, etc around the first and/or fifteenth of the month. So, more successful sales are listed around this time frame.

Rule of thumb: most garage/yard sales are to get rid of junk! If you don't love it, or have a place for it, put it in the sale. Keep prices low; do you REALLY want to rebox that item, or carry it back inside? How bad do you want to get rid of it?

Big items such as Refrigerators, stoves, heaters, washer & dryers, etc, may do better with a separate listing in the paper. Although many couches and other furniture items have been sold at yard sales, most of the people shopping there are looking for smaller items. Keep prices LOW....after all, this is bargain day. Your trash becomes someone else's treasure.

The last sale we had, my husband was considering turning Sunday into the "FREE" day. Anything left over could be had just by picking it up and carting it off. However, our prices were so low that we had nothing left over to give away!

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