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Happy face Keeping Food from Thawing In UR Car While Christmas Shopping

It's that time of year, again! You know, when we are multi-task shopping, going from one store to another, looking for sales and bargains, making valuable use of our sometimes limited shopping time.....

Well, I have a neat tip for you ladies that pick up frozen or refrigerated/perishable food items and don't want to rush home to put them away.

Go to the dollar store and pick up 2 or 3 of those shiny silver car window shades and keep them in your trunk or the back of your SUV/van. They fold away neatly and work very well for keeping foods from defrosting or maintaining their cool temperatures!!

If you have a small item or bag of items, just wrap it with one of the shades, shiny side out and foam side touching your bag or item.

If you have several bags, place them on a shade, opened flat on the floor of your trunk or back of vehicle -- shiny side down. Place another shade or two over this bundle, shiny side up.

Get creative with tucking down the sides of the shades. I usually slide the bundles flush against the back of my backseat, where the thick layer of the seat provides back insulation. Then I use a small roll of duct tape I keep with the shades for emergencies and uses like this (lol) and gently tape a couple of strips to the top and bottom shades to hold the flaps in place. If you stick them gently to the shiny sides, it removes easily.

It works!!!

Whether or not you tuck the flaps in, it works. I like to tape the sides lightly if I have items like ice cream or popsicles inside the shades, for more protection from warmer air.

This is sooooooooo much better than hauling around an ice chest. If you have these carefully folded away shades with you all the time, you never have to miss a good deal on meat or frozen items anymore!!!

This works in the summer, as well. You just may have only an hour or so to shop instead of 3 or 4!

Happy shopping!!!
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