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Cakes DO freeze well, I used to work at a grocery store bakery and we did it all the time. If they're going to be in there a while they need to be sealed well, though.

Cooked eggs don't freeze all that well. I actually make little crustless quiches for my low-carb diet and freeze them, they taste great, but the texture leaves something to be desired. Can you beat the eggs, etc. the night before and leave them in the fridge? Pre-cook your breakfast meats, nuking them saves lots of time. Eggs cook in just a couple of minutes anyway.

Cheese can be frozen shredded and used that way, but blocks of cheese will be crumbly.

I actually freeze everything from milk (in wax cartons, not jugs), to lunch meat. (Processed deli meats get a funky texture, but real meats like ham or turkey fare much better). Another great thing to freeze is pizza sauce (if you make homemade). I get a #10 can at Sams Club for under $5; we freeze it in ice cube trays and put them in zip lock bags. Depending on how saucy you like your pizza you can take 4 or 5 out and nuke em and you're good to go.

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