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Post ebay tips

No I do not find it hard to keep track of everything. I do things to make it easier so that I don't get confused. First I prepackage everything. I do that for two reasons, one so I don't mix up items I am selling and two to get an idea what the shipping charges will be. I always have the person who has won the auction pay shipping charges plus I add some on for handling costs, like an extra 50cents which also helps cover the cost of listing the item on ebay. Also I mark the box with the auction number so I positively wont mix up an auction. Also you can try listing items one a day instead of say all 7 on one day. That way the auctions end on different days. I also recieve payments using paypal which I like alot. It goes directly into my checking account that way. I also accept money orders and personal checks but I make sure I hold personal checks for 7 business days before I ship the item to be sure the check cleared and I state all this in my auctions. It may sound complicating but it isnt. It is very easy and convienent to do from home. I have made alot of extra money this year from ebay. I have been able to tile part of my house, go on a weeks vacation to Disney with 5 of my kids and hubby and we have bought many items like a new TV and VCR. Things we couldnt have done if I hadn't been doing ebay. Best wishes.
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