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Thanks everyone so much for your wonderful advise!

Dh and I are actually Baptists, but we have no objections with other denominations. Actually, all but one of the churches we have visited have been non-denominational or of another denomination. We have not been attending church for the past few years. We had a hurtful experience in our last church and it had been rather difficult for us to get back to church. We are ready now!

We are actually looking for a church that is a little more conservative, but not to the point of being dead. We don't actually object to contemporary music, we just feel that there seem to be an emphasis on entertaining the congregation, rather than worship. The musicians themselves also seem to have a status above the rest of the congregation. As Baptists, we believe in equality for all in the body of Christ.

We are also looking for a church home for our children. Our son in 20 (he lives with us, while attending university) and our daughter is 17 and in high school. Our daughter seems particularly troubled by the problems of finding a church. She is upset if we attend a church for a month and then decide that is is not a good fit for us. We are sensitive to her feelings, but we know this is a very significant decision for us and we don't want to make it so quickly that is will be a mistake.

We have actually been considering a smaller church, closer to the city center. It really helped me that some of you confirmed that this might be a good choice.

Your advise is very much appreciated! We will be trying again this Sunday.

Blessing to you all!

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