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LAMBERT'S -- in Sikeston, Missouri! Home of the "Throwed Rolls"!

Very nostalgic -- very old, family-owned restaurants. The decor is similar to the Cracker Barrel chain -- but memorabilia of the area and pictures of the family and the store way back when!

The food is Southern family recipes -- huge portions!

And just like in any southern family home, there are many youth walking around serving you side orders FOR FREE!! They each have a pot of something delicious and walk up and down each isle yelling out their "wares" -- you raise your hand and say "here!" and they spoon a bunch on your plate!

Their absolute specialty are their homemade yeast rolls -- OMG! To die for! Just like my mom used to bake! A hint of sweetness and oh so hot and right out of the oven! They don't even take them out of the pans! They walk down the isles and yell "hot rolls" -- but -- the FUN part on this is....


Yes! They throw them to you -- pitched like a baseball! They are good aims, too and it is funny to see them pitching rolls from way across a room.

I let DD and DSS catch mine.

One day I was concentrating on the food on my plate when they pitched a roll across the room at someone and accidentally hit one of the many state flags hanging from the ceiling. It ricocheted downward and hit me square on the left chest! Boy, did my family and others get a laugh!

It's a fun time and the only time it is "okay" to throw your food!
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