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Pinkie Winky Hi there!

I could go for evere talking about my goals & dreams... and that feels SOOOO good ! Not long ago I felt I had no dreams, no expectations on life, like if I was trap in a place I didnt liked, doing things I didnt love, and having no way to make it different... But not now. Now I know that I only cant do what I choose not to believe in. And thats it. What happened? Absolutly nothing, just had one of those "light bolt" moments, when you can see everything SO clear you just dont know how things could have seemed any different!

The main goal I set to myself is going to University. I want to go back and major in psicollogy. Dont care how old I'll be, cos your age IS in your mind...Abd i'll get there. I dont know when, cos me and dh are considering baby # 3, and if so, that will set me back another 6 years than now... but I'll get there!

When I'll have a bit of extra time, and feel inspired, I'll get back to post some other goals.

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"Stones in my path, I pick them all up: one day, I'm going to build a castle!" - Fernando Pessoa, (portuguese poet)
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