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oh my Patty - I am so glad you did not have more damage than you have. We had a "so-called microburst" here several years ago - wiped out a lot of stuff, but they refused to call it a tornado.
Is your roof OK this time? Phoenix area has been getting hit with various things this year, haen't they?! We have friends who are "snow bunnies" there. Live at "The Lake" - (what we in MO call the Lake of the Ozarks) from about april till Oct - then to Phoenix for the winter months. We were there last April - our middle daughter, who travels for Jack Henry installing banking software, gave us First Class tickets to visit Carl and Jackie. She had gotten them because of so many miles traveling and as she siad "What will I do with them?! Travel some MORE?!" She is single and a work aholic - does not even use the vacation time she gets.

Yes, things do seem to come in bunches! Right now we have a sick grandson. Joyce had taken him to the Dr Thurs during the day and they checked for pneumonia and X-rayed his lungs - had him on meds. He was having so much trouble breathing that they took him to our local ambulance center and they recommended taking him on to ER in Rolla. Turns out he has a bacteria resp. infec and was dehydrated. So we will be sitting more than we usually do for awhile. With both kids in college, we usually sit over the wekends and when their work and class schedules are the same evenings.

I know how you feel on the "steady" sitting. When Melanie ,oved I was glad to not have the girls so much, but was crying because I would nothave them. I know you will enjoy your free time - haha - it just seems to fillup with other stuff, doesn't it. Good luck on your fall garden = hope you have good weather for it!

Keep in touch - I really enjoy visiting with you! Have a good weekend - Linda
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