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I remember those episodes ldyroper. THe blonde was paired with a family who grew their own tobacco and other stuff. The father and teen daughter loved to go hunting together. The little boy in that family was a mama's boy and had never been away from his mother. The daughter could care less about mommy leaving as long as she had her father. The mother diciplined her kids and they were a close-knit family. I think they even built their own furniture. The blonde was from California and they had a really nice home with expensive things in it. I don't think she ever spent time with her kids either. In fact, her kids needed discipline and they needed it bad! When the country mother came to the home in California, she eventually talked to the father who lived in an office at the 3rd floor or somewhere like it. She told him that if he didn't spend time with his family and cut back on his hours, he would lose more than his "things" for which he was trying to pay for. It was a very interesting show to say the least.

Yeah Pag, we aren't the only fans here. Does anyone know when the next episode is?
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