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Wow! Haven't had time to post!

I am buried in work right now. We had a microburst in our area evening before last. That is a weather condition that is kind of like a short tornado/hurricane/thunderstorm that mixes everything up really bad for a few minutes.

We lost our fence and several of our neighbors lost their fences, some trees, and roof tiles. I guess our roof held because we just had it put on a week ago. I was so relieved that my elm tree survived. I love that tree.

We had our roof replaced because we were on the edge of a microburst that hit several weeks ago. That one mainly damaged the area near Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. It sure did a number on our roof though. The insurance company agreed.

Within about 2 miles of our house several blocks of power poles went down landing in the back yards of homes, on cars, and on businesses. One pole pushed a tree through the roof of a house. I am counting my blessings!!

There is a lot of clean up to do and I am arranging to have the fence replaced. At the same time I am in a race against the clock to get my fall garden in. There is a lot of preparation needed before sowing any seed.

What is on your agenda? Don't the busy times come in bunches? Sometimes things are calm for several days. Then everything hits at once.

Today at 3:00 PM I officially became an empty nester!!!
My granddaughter will be in school starting the day after Labor Day so I no longer babysit ANY grandchildren. I am excited but I also know I will miss her.

Must go. DH home from work and has stories to tell!

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