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They bleeped out the word, but it didn't take any imagination to know what she was saying. Plus, she was also a tiny bit aggressive. She took the hippy couple's teenage boys and tried to teach one to drive and then took them out to buy them shoes. She told the father that he was controllingn and needed to let the boys sleep in their own beds and date girls. I think the oldest was 18 and had never slept without his parents. Also, she told the father that he was crazy since he believed in the cosmos deciding his fate and things like that. It was a funny show. The hippy mom tried to teach the kids in the other family to sing folk songs and they thought she was crazy too. But, they gave her a nice little birthday party with all their friends. The black family said that they wished their mother didn't use such bad language though. It was interesting that the teen kids in that family didn't seem to cuss.
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