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TarainNC, I love your bathroom idea. My house is about 15 years old and I think the towel bars were too! The kids were pretty hard on them and all of them broke within a few months of moving in here.

I took them ALL OUT and put a wire coated one on the back of the door (leftover from apartment living, glad I kept it). That left holes in the wall from molly bolts. The walls are papered, so it would have been a major project to fix that up. Instead, I strategially hung six photo frames and one inspirational picture in bathroom to cover the holes.

I hung five across the big wall. The photo frames each have two or three photos of the kids and their friends. One of the lower set of holes on the big wall is covered with a smaller inspirational picture. (He who give to me, teaches me to give). The second lower hole isn't really covered, but the shower curtain kind of hides it. If we ever want to put towel bars back up, they'll be easy to attach! We get lots of compliments about the 'kids' bathroom.

The other towel bar was on the wall with the light swtich. I put two verticle frames with three kid photos each over there to cover those. When we have company, I put guest towels out on the counter.
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