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I have to agree. A little prep work goes a long way with a garage sale. Our homeowners association sponsors an annual one so we won't have so many others during the year. About 100 houses participate on the same day. It's horrendous. Fun, but VERY CROWDED. The competition is fierce. The houses with the biggest crowds have a couple things in common.

Don't have it in the garage! Put it closer to the road. We have front garages, so everyone puts stuff in their driveways, and it spills over into the lawn.

Put the BIG STUFF where it's very visible.

If you have lots of something, like kids clothes, make a sign that says so and stick it in your yard.

Just like at the store, put the stuff kids want in the most visible place so they ask their parents to stop the car!

If you have helpers at the sale, have them mill around instead of ya'll sitting together. Business begets business. If people driving by think you've already got shoppers, they are more likely to stop by to see what they are missing. I personally HATE going to a GS and having the owner watch me every minute because I'm the only one there.

I don't do the newspaper ad, but I live in a heavily shopped area, so a sign on a couple main streets is all I need to bring traffic in.
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