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My Church

The church that we attend is the same church that my mom and dad attended as did my grandparents, as did my great grandparents,and it even goes so far back that some of the relation helped settle the congregation.
That to me is an old church and they can have their own faults, women voting was a really big one, We have alot of single mothers in our congregation and how did they except to not let them be heard.
As far as the dressing goes, I was taught that in church you put on your Sunday best. OK that was 40 some years ago and things have changed alot. I feel God would be happy to see me in a pew not in a Donna Karen outfit.
Now I'll start on something that really upset me years ago, we have to sign in when we sit down, they say its so they can keep track of who is going to commuion(you have to check that off if you intend to go) but, I really think its for keeping tabs on us.
They tell us to greet new people with open arms and thank them for coming, so why would you have to tell someone that. That should be a given but the elders are to busy doing something else to lead by example.
We have started the new contemporary service one Sunday a month and its the most popular because the Pastor had nothing to do with it, I think he put two and two together because now there is a sermon 20 min. long in this too on top of the skits and songs they do. Can you just feel the love coming from my puter?:mad:
I have joined the ladies groups and found them to be VERY clicky.
Talk about not fitting in (good greif)
Hubby and I have just decided to hang in there until my parents are no longer with us because for us to transfer would kill them,
couldn't bare that
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