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One thing that I really enjoy is teaching the children some basic signs (American Sign Language). My children go to a daycare that I worked at doing that some during the summer. I am a certified interpreter but the public libraries are filled with great books that have wonderful pictures. I suggest starting with infant classes and doing lots of repitition but making it fun during play time or sing and do a sign (ball, hot, milk) they will pick it up.
With older kids around 2 you can get objects and have ask what they are, then get excited and say "yes that is right, that is a ball!!", for example and then sign ball. Ask them to pat the ball and sign ball,etc....lots of praise and excitement. I used several objects that they played with (cars, bears-act out the animal while signing it). With 3 & 4's you can have them pick out their favorite animals and teach them those. Or pick some signs from a theme or unit. Also, with 4's and 5's you can do colors and then not only work on teaching them to sign, but to read the signs (do this will all ages really but older kids are REALLY fun with this), so you could make it a game and for following up on the lesson, pair them up and sign a color and they have to go to a certain area of the room and find something with that color, see which team wins. Or with numbers sign a number and have them find a certain number of a certain color of things. Sorry this is so long, but it is great for children and they love it. If you have any questions,e-mail me

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