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As a rule I don't spend any change either. I have several banks with odd change dimes etc NO pennies they go in another little pig bank. Some time early next month I will count out the change in these banks roll it and take to bank for bills as will use for Christmas. As things are tighter than I thought this year and do want to get some gifts. That is the highlite of MY Christmas giving to others. Already got Judy two things and want to get her something else as the two that I do have are "sort of" traditional gifts but want to get something else that she will not expect. Maybe a CD or a Video. Gina is getting her a new CD/Stereo player as hers died couple weeks ago and this "child" is totally lost without her music. Her cassette player died too. For those reading this that does not know Judy is my mentally challenged daughter and is such a big help to me here.

Sorry for rattling on and on
I will take what I am served knowing someone out there is being served MUCH less
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