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We have several things collecting money.
One is an old milk bottle we use for pennies. That money will go to buy a gift for a needy child.
One is a ceramic pumpkin that holds nickels, dimes and quarters. It is for whenever change is needed for various things.
The other is what we call Maddie's Movie Money. When Maddie was almost 3 we took her to see a Harry Potter movie. After that she was always wanting to "go see Harry Potter" . So I started the movie box. When ever I can get her to do a chore, feed the kitty, put mail in the box, pick up toys, she gets some change for in her box. I counted it recently, she has over $13.00 . I told her if we go to a matinee the can take her Nanna and her sisters.
We now have the calendar marked to count down the days till Harry Potter 4 opens.

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