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Hi Shelly

Funny you should mention having a sale, Im having a moving sale this weekend. I have had very good sucess in the past with my sales.

I make sure that the items are clean first of all. I try to group all of the like items together.....I had a Christmas table, a kitchen table, an odd & end table, kids clothes are better if they are laid out by size & I hung all of the adlut clothes. I laid out all of the toys on a blanket so that the kids & parents coudl check them out. Bag similar items like coloring books, blocks, sm. kitchen items, kids socks...etc.... Make sure to price everything. I think that people feel more comfortable browsing by themselves and not having to keep asking for prices. Be flexible on your prices--Dont price it so low that you wont dicker with someone but not so high that its unreasonable. If its something that costs THAT much, it shouldnt be in a yard sale anyway.

It really pays for me to put an ad in our newspaper. It covers a wider area than I could ever advertise alone. I also buy neon colored poster board and make BIG signs. Make sure that you can read the signs from your many people make signs with the words printed so small that people just drive by and dont bother to stop. This is also where I spend the most money.....I put up a lot of signs !!

I find that if you put "eyecatching" stuff up front, you can draw people in. I also always have a "free" box that I fill with plastic cups, old toy cars, mismatched dishes, hats....etc. This occupies kids too and everyone loves digging through a box like that, LOL !! My son heads straight to those boxes at every sale. He has gotten an old metal truck, plastic cups for his sandbox and a giant stuffed toy catepillar that he loves ! !

I dont bother with food and drinks, I think they are just more time and energy than its worth but there are a lot of people around here who do sell stuff like that.

Be friendly !! Get out there and mingle. I hate to go to sales where I feel that Im wasting their time or Ive invaded a conversation because everyone just stops talking and stares at me. My Dh swears that I sell more stuff because I talk to people.

Last bit of advice......keep an eye on your stuff ! As much as you hate to think of this, people do steal from yard sales! Someone stole a Precious Moments locket from my last sale--the locket wasnt worth anything, I only had 75 cents on it ! If they really wanted it, all they had to do was say so and I wouldve given it to them. :mad: Also, make sure you have enough change in both bills and can bet people will hit you with $20 bills early on. Keep your money out of sight too, cant be too careful !!

Good Luck to You !!! Let me know how things go when you have it !!

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