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It was a marvelous day. We arrived at the gate around 8 am and we were 6th in line. During this time we visit with all the other rennies that we have met at previous ren faires. At 9 am they let you into the parking area and that's where we finish dressing - not as risque as it sounds - You have the bare essentials on and then in the parking lot you add the extra layers, put on your makeup, fix your hair, talk some more with the other rennies. At 10 am they open the gates after the Queen and her court go through. As soon as you enter the gates they have acts going on and people welcoming you and handing you maps and such. Then we started walking to the shops we wanted to pick things up at. Everywhere you look there are acts going on and shops to look into and food and drinks to buy. We belong to the Friends of the Faire so they have a special place we can go sit in the shade to drink ice water and visit. I don't know whether I used my legs or my mouth more. I got a gazillion hugs and had my picture taken so many times. One couple brought this darling little girl (about 8 or 9 I'd guess) and they asked if she might be able to sit by me so they could take a picture of us. I said sure and scooped her up on my lap, she was as light as a feather, then my hubby sat down by us and we posed for a picture. Then Bob took a picture of her with our disc camera and showed her so she could see how pretty she looked. The couple thanked us and said they were sending the pictures back with her when she had to go home. From the coversation, she was with her dad for the summer and going back to her mothers. And I got to see the troll. Oh, I love that man. He even puts dirt and leaves in his hair. He stays in character no matter what is going on around him. Next year Bob says I should walk up and give him a kiss and see if that'll shake him up. He is soooo good. He's my favorite character/act. My next is the Swordsmen. They do a comedy routine but they both have been trained in sword fighting so they are excellent. And then they have all these musical groups and the jousting. Oh, dear, I could go on and on and on. Just so many things happening. I just can't get enough of it.

Sorry to hear you had a bad weekend. I hope the pain lets up soon. It's so exciting about Cheryl isn't it? I always had my family around me so I can't imagine the excitement she is going through. I think everyone has the right to know that they have been adopted and given all the information they need to track down their biological family. Even if the family doesn't want anything to do with them, they at least should be able to get medical information and family information. I know if I had a child out there, I'd want to be able to see him/her. Or if I was adopted, I'd want to know about my other family.

Hope you get to feeling better real soon.